3 Solutions for Living in a Shared Space With Noisy Pets

11 January 2017
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Living in an house or even an apartment building that is shared with other people can sometimes cause noisy pet owners a lot of grief. Try as you might to keep your pet calm and placated, the smallest thump can send an anxious pooch into a non-stop barking spree that lasts for hours. While you may have become accustomed to the noise that your pet makes, you can't always expect others to be as understanding. The good news is that you can utilize these three helpful noisy pet solutions for reducing barking, growling and whining, enabling you, your roommates and your neighbors to live in peace and quiet.

1. Barking Deterrent Accessories

When doggie treats and soothing belly rubs no longer work to quiet down your barking dog, there are plenty of available accessories you can use to put a stop to the noise. Some shared space residents swear by no bark collars, which can help to correct disruption behavior. These collars work similar to invisible pet fences, only they are activated by the sound of your dog's barking.

2. Professional Dog Training

Some dogs bark night and day because they simply don't know any better. While you might beg and plead for them to stop, there's a chance that your pet isn't complying because it doesn't understand what you want it to do. Take your dog to a professional pet trainer to help support healthy behaviors while deterring excessive barking and aggressive posturing.

3. Crating Your Pet

If you dog has previously had the ability to roam around freely, it may not adjust easily to living in smaller quarters. The added stress of moving from a house to a small apartment or a single room may be causing your pet to bark more frequently. Begin by placing your dog in an appropriately sized crate for short spurts, increasing the time until your pet is able to be confined without incident for a few hours at a time. Crating your pet not only helps to thwart bad behavior, but also it can stop all long periods of barking.

Always reward your pet for good behavior and your pet will come to understand that barking excessively is not something that you look kindly upon. The barking may not stop immediately, but if you make use of no bark collars, pet crates and professional dog training, positive results will be lasting and consistent.