Why You Should Start With An Extra Large Dog Bed For Your Large Breed Puppy

9 January 2020
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If you recently bought a large breed puppy such as a St. Bernard, a Great Dane, or an Irish Wolfhound, that puppy is already so big that cuddling up to it in your own bed is a bad idea. This is especially true if the puppy is not yet housebroken, as these big puppies will create a very large amount of waste, and you definitely do not want to roll over in your bed into that in the middle of the night! Ergo, your puppy is going to need his/her own dog bed, at the very least, and you should start with an extra-large dog bed. Here is why. 

The Extra-Large Dog Beds Give Your Large Breed Puppy Room to Roll

Even when puppies sleep, they are still more active than you might imagine. They will roll around a lot, pawing and nipping at the air in their sleep. They are fun to watch, but your puppy should be in complete comfort and security while all of this sleeping activity is happening. Giving your puppy an extra-large bed provides continued comfort and safety all night while he/she rolls around in his/her sleep. 

The Extra Large Beds Give Your Puppy Room to Grow

Puppies grow very fast, and by the end of the first year, they are almost their full-grown adult size. For any large or extra-large breed dog, this means that you would have to buy and replace three to six dog beds every couple of months. Avoid the expense and just start your very big puppy on a very large bed. Then he/she can do all the growing a puppy is meant to do, and still have a very comfortably-sized bed to sleep on at night. 

The Extra Large Beds Let Other Animals Snuggle up to the Puppy

If you have cats or other dogs in the house, they may be accustomed to curling up to other animals to sleep. As such, it helps acclimate the other pets to your new puppy, and your new puppy to the other pets, when there is room for the other pets to snuggle up and go to sleep on the same doggy bed. The puppy will feel more secure having room for a sleeping buddy, and the whole scene just tends to be really cute, too. Additionally, if your puppy is having a few really rough nights of sleeping because he/she is in a new and unfamiliar home (i.e., yours), then you can snuggle up to the puppy on the big dog bed and try to be of comfort.