3 Reasons Odor-Control Cat Litter Is A Big Deal With Cats And Their Humans

23 April 2020
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Indoor cats are often deemed as easy pets, but anyone who has ever owned a cat they kept indoors full-time will tell you there are some issues that can come about. Cat litter odor is one of those issues, but it really doesn't have to be if you are using the best litter. Take a look at just a few of the reasons why cat litter odor can be a big deal for both cats and the humans that house them. 

Cats Want Clean Litter Pans 

Cats can be exceptionally finicky about using a litter pan that smells bad, even if the odor radiating from the box is all their own. A litter pan that smells bad has the tendency to send some picky cats off in search of a cleaner place to go, even if that means they go just outside of the litter pan (Take this as a sign you need to go with a better brand). When you have a high-quality litter that is good about absorbing odors, you can worry less about those "accidents" outside of the box or in other places in the house. 

You Want Your Home to Smell Good 

Obviously, having a home that smells nice is a huge deal. The home fragrancing industry would tell you the same. The problem is, if you live with a litter pan indoors, you can grow nose-blind to some of the odors, but you may catch a whiff of what smells like ammonia when you open the door after being out. When it comes down to it, a home that smells bad often sends an unspoken message to visitors that your home is not that clean, and no one wants that kind of impression given. A good-quality cat litter should absorb odors whether you've scooped for the day or not. 

Multi-Cat Household Won't Fare Well with Odors 

Just as some cats won't like a litter pan that smells like their own waste, many also have issues if there is another feline in the house using their "spot" to do their business. People with more than one cat often complain that their cats refuse to use the litter pan, but the problem is likely the fact that the litter pan smells like another cat. Using the best cat litter for odor control will help combat this issue substantially. If odors are absorbed from the waste inside, the cats that visit won't know the difference.