Only The Best For A Good Dog: Types Of Organic Dog Food Sure To Please

29 November 2021
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For pet owners who are concerned about what goes into their dog's food, organic options are definitely the way to go. With a focus on providing your dog with the nutrition they need, organic food tends to taste better and has fewer additives, preservatives than standard dog food. What's even more wonderful is that organic dog food comes in several forms that are extremely easy to find and bring home for your furry friend. Read ahead for a few examples of what types of organic dog food might be the best option for your pup.

Dry Food

Commonly known as kibble, organic dry food is an extremely popular form of dog food that is available in a vast array of categories. Food specially formulated for puppies, elderly dogs, weight control, or low-fat are just a few examples of the types of dry food that are available. Dry food can also be an excellent option for dogs who suffer from poor dental health. While wet food can tend to get trapped within your dog's teeth, dry food can actually have a mild abrasive effect that can help combat plaque or tartar buildup. As always, it is still important to set regular cleanings for your dog's teeth with their veterinarian. 


If you're curious to see how your dog reacts to wet food but are not quite willing to spend the money on a full case, try an organic topper. While wet food is typically more expensive than dry, toppers make for a more affordable option to include wet food in your dog's diet. Toppers usually include chopped protein including lean turkey, chicken, beef, or pork and can easily be spooned over your dog's dry food when it's time for them to eat. This will also be a treat for your pup as it breaks up the monotony of their usual meals of plain dry food. Saucy and full of flavor, toppers also provide a creative way to sneak in medication for dogs who are unwilling to take their meds willingly. 

Raw Food

Though organic raw food is typically the priciest option when it comes to buying food for your dog, it is certainly lauded as providing a vast array of health benefits that simply cannot be matched by other foods. Improved dental health, shinier coats, flake-free skin, and increased energy are just a few of the many improvements that dogs have seen after switching to a raw food diet. Containing organ meats, bones, and cooked turkey or beef, to name just a few varieties, raw food will provide your dog with the essential protein they need while also featuring wholesome grains such as brown rice or oats. When shopping for your dog, simply ask to see the refrigerated and freezer section to view raw options. For those traveling, raw food can also be purchased in a dehydrated form that only requires a small amount of water for each mealtime. 

Contact a local vet to learn more about organic pet food.