Training Tools You Need For Your Growing Puppy

30 December 2016
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When it comes to puppies, you know that a dog training collar or harness is what you need to get them to learn how to walk on a leash. You also know that puppy pads will assist in teaching your new pup how to go potty outside or in a designated area of the home. Puppies often have, (for the most part), certain expectations placed on the owner to make them more fun to own and better-behaved in public. Read More 

How To Keep Your Indoor/Outdoor Cat Safe And Happy

30 November 2016
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As a cat owner, you know how happy your cat is to be let outdoors to play and explore. As an indoor/outdoor cat, your feline companion will be exposed to some additional risks that exclusively indoors cats aren't.  Here's how to keep your indoor/outdoor cat safe without compromising their sense of freedom and enjoyment of the outdoors. Have Your Yard Sprayed Fleas and ticks are prevalent in all regions of the country. Read More 

Safe Hiking Tips For Dogs

13 October 2016
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As man's (and woman's) best friend, it isn't uncommon for a dog to become a favorite hiking or camping companion. If you are like many that take your dog on your adventures, you also want to make sure they remain safe while you are away from civilization. The following tips can help you protect your dog from harm while you are on the trail. Tip #1: Remember that nothing replaces training Read More 

Preparing Yourself and Your Home to Foster Your First Cat

3 August 2016
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Congratulations on your decision to foster a cat in your home! You will temporarily be giving a home to a cat from the pet shelter that needs some special attention. To make the experience smoother for you and the cat, you need to be ready for the commitment and prepare your house for the new guest. Here is how to get ready for your first cat-fostering assignment. 1. Create a space in your home exclusively for the cat. Read More 

Two Tips For New Snake Owners

13 June 2016
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Owning a pet can be an excellent way of providing yourself with companionship and entertainment. However, it can be common for individuals to make mistakes when it comes to caring for their new pets, and this can be particularly common for those that want exotic pets, such as snakes. If you are considering getting a snake (from an outlet with corn snakes for sale), you may want to use the following tips to help ensure that you avoid some oversights that can cause your new pet to encounter some routine complications. Read More