A Pet Owners Guide To Understanding Essential Pet Oils

11 October 2022
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It is no secret that many people depend on the benefits of essential oils to improve their health, but people are not the only ones who may benefit from oils. If you are looking for more natural ways to care for your pet, essential oils may be helpful for multiple pet issues and may be worth a try. However, just like not all people will benefit from essential oils, there is no guarantee a specific essential oil will work, and you may need to try various oils to achieve the benefits you desire. 

Always buy from a reputable source

Technology makes it possible to purchase oils from multiple places and it is only natural to search for the place with the lowest cost. However, purchasing oils only from a reputable source is vital for the health and safety of your pet. Always make sure you do your research prior to ordering oils, and it can be helpful to discuss essential oils with your veterinarian before ordering oils. 

Common oils to start with

If you are new to essential oils, you should start with a few of the basic oils, so you know what is working. Once you get familiar with the basic essential oils you can add other oils to your pet's treatment regimen if desired. Always follow the manufacturer's recommended instructions for administering oils to your pet.

Lavender is a common pet oil that may help eliminate pet odor as well as alleviate your pet's anxiety and relieve car sickness. Lavender is known for its calming properties. It may also be good for wound healing and itching.

Peppermint oil is thought to be good for upset stomachs in pets. It may also be helpful for treating or preventing fleas. Its natural energizing properties may be helpful for older pets who are lethargic and need to become more active.

Chamomile oil is thought to have some anti-inflammatory benefits. It may also be helpful in treating skin irritations and burns. Like lavender, chamomile is also used for its calming benefits and may be another good option for anxious pets

Keeping pets happy and healthy is a key priority for pet owners. For those pet owners who are concerned about the harsh chemicals used in pet products, essential oils can provide an alternative solution for a variety of problems. Understanding the benefits of some of the most common oils for pets will help you make an informed decision about what may work best for your pets.

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