Training Tools You Need For Your Growing Puppy

30 December 2016
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When it comes to puppies, you know that a dog training collar or harness is what you need to get them to learn how to walk on a leash. You also know that puppy pads will assist in teaching your new pup how to go potty outside or in a designated area of the home. Puppies often have, (for the most part), certain expectations placed on the owner to make them more fun to own and better-behaved in public. Here are training tools you need for your growing puppy so they can lead a productive and happy life.


All house pets can benefit from knowing how to be comfortable in a kennel, at least for short periods of time. You may need to kennel your pup when you are traveling to the vet, going on a car ride, or when you have visitors over who are either allergic to dogs or have small children who don't know how to handle them. At any rate, you should teach your puppy how to enjoy a kennel by placing toys or treats in a kennel in a quiet room (the laundry room or your bedroom, for example), and closing your pet in after coaxing for a few hours. Routinely kennel your pup at night as well so you know they are not into mischief as you rest.


Puppies can be trained to enjoy going on walks at an early age and in a harness can be kept safe from escape and injury from other animals or vehicles while they explore. Harnesses are also wonderful for allowing your puppy to enjoy outside time on their own without you, since you can attach a harness to a secure chain to keep them from running off. Purchase a harness that can be resized to fit your puppy as they get older and that has reinforced armpit and neck areas to avoid discomfort in your pet.

Train your pup indoors on their harness first, using treats or toys to inspire curiosity. Walk your young dog around the house on a leash as they get used to the sensation of a harness and how it works with their movements. It may take them a few days to get used to the idea of going for a walk on a leash, but the efforts are worth it.

As your puppy ages you can incorporate new ways to make them more obedient and better members of your household. Your local pet store can supply you with all the training tools you need.